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BuiltGreen™… But really, how do you KNOW?

ecoFAB team and truckAre you certain that your home is truly BUILT GREEN?  There is a way.  Just ask us.  ecoFAB has recently achieved the highest level of BuiltGreen™ certification as a certified third-party verifier. This means that we can authenticate construction work on homes, either new or existing, to the specifications set forth in the BuiltGreen™ program. Builders and remodelers who participate in the MBA BuiltGreen™ program can take compliance one step further, order a verification from us and voluntarily certify their work through the process of an independent third party verifier system. This verification not only authenticates the data provided by the builder, but provides added assurance that the work completed achieves the correct and specific level of performance. Look for this certification; it is important.

To explore the benefits of third party certification and for an excellent list of the top ten reasons to buy a BuiltGreen™ home, explore the link:

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