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Our Story

In 2006, ecoFAB began as an enterprise with a purpose: to create a for-profit, social enterprise with the mission to support job skills training and workforce development while championing the emerging field of home energy efficiency.  Beginning with facilitating the design and construction of the first energystar and Built Green certified home in Indian Country, the prototype Elder Healthy Home has served as a model of sustainable and accessible housing.

ecoFAB staff worked closely with cutting edge training programs throughout the Puget Sound region, developing curriculum and training opportunities as a pathway to family wage jobs. In tandem with the jobs training efforts, ecoFAB pushed tirelessly to bring awareness to home performance improvement, connecting homeowners with their homes’ energy performance. By participating in front-running programs sponsored by an assemblage of government and utility interests, ecoFAB was a conduit for information and a contractor for upgrade work that has improved the lives of many in the Puget Sound region.

Since 2008, ecoFAB has:

  • Trained over 30 workers in the specialized field of weatherization, impacting the lives of the workers, their families, and the homeowners they served.
  •  Performed close to 800 Home Energy Audits, analyzing energy performance, making professional recommendations and educating homeowners.
  •  Retrofitted over 370 homes with the latest technology in Air Sealing, Duct Sealing, Insulation and Energy Efficient Mechanical Systems.

Home Renovations That Make Sense: Use the latest tools and techniques in building science to to evaluate your home and provide upgrades that will improve your comfort, save energy and help ensure the health of your building.

Building More Sustainable Communities: Partner with local municipalities, utilities and retrofit programs to effectively deliver home performance services and retrofits to communities throughout Puget Sound

Providing Green Job Opportunities: Work with local neighborhood groups and job training organizations and community colleges to support great people from under served communities.

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