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Elder Healthy Home Demonstration Project

Elder Healthy HomeThe “Elder Healthy Home” is a demonstration project showing that healthy, energy-efficient, sustainable homes can be made affordable for seniors in the Puget Sound region.

In addition to its green aspects, the two bedroom, single-family home incorporates universal design features.

Building Statistics

  • One-story, Two bedrooms, 1-3/4 bathrooms
  • 1,304 square feet + 273 square feet covered porches
  • Universal Design, Slab on grade, Accessible ramp
  • Non-toxic interior materials
  • Passive solar design, radiant heat floors
  • EnergyStar fixtures & appliances, on-demand hot water

Guiding Principles

  • Integrated design, durable healthy home, using
  • Washington’s Evergreen, BuiltGreen 3-star, EnergyStar criteria.
  • Sustainable low-impact site development. Educational outreach,
    respect for elder comfort, and enhance Tribal community.

Energy Efficient

  • Low-energy fixtures, orientation, innovative heating,
  • cooling, & tight building envelope incorporating:
  • Roof overhangs: avoid summer & gain winter sun
  • Natural daylighting, natural ventilationEnergyStar lighting & appliances
  • High-efficiency radiant hydronic heat
  • Insulated, double-pane, low-E windows
  • Blown cellulose insulation, minimize air leakage

Resource Efficient

  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures, washers and toilets
  • Native plants and drought-tolerant landscaping
  • Materials from the Cascadia Region, where possible
  • Recycled content roofing, concrete, and insulation
  • Advanced framing, pre-cut lumber, & design to minimize waste
  • Sustainably harvested and certified wood products

Healthy Environment

  • Non-toxic, safe-living materials, paints, and finishes
  • Climate-specific design & materials to prevent mold
  • Alternatives to PVC & urea-formaldehyde materials
  • Fresh air exchanges
  • Universal Design: wide hallways, accessible rooms

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